Prime Areas in North Cyprus to Purchase Property

Due to its geographical location, the island has more than 300 days of sunshine annually and boasts clean, Mediterranean air, which makes it a perfect getaway for people. 

Contrary to what is found in big cities for other countries, fresh seasonal produce is always available in North Cyprus. There is a relaxed attitude in North Cyprus, and locals frequently interact with one another in the streets, cafes, and neighbourhoods. The residents of here will surprise you with their hospitality and kindness.  

There are seldom any crimes. That affords those who are vulnerable a great deal of comfort and peace of mind, and the location is popular with expats and investors because it has a low cost of living. North Cyprus is a beautiful place to live, and more people are moving there than ever before. 

Your home will always be in a prime location in North Cyprus given its connectivity to other regions of Cyprus and abroad. You can travel to South Cyprus by short drive. From Turkey, you can connect to every location in the world. A ferry service also connects North Cyprus with the Turkish coast. Apartments, bungalows, villas, and townhouses are available in a variety of styles in prime locations.


As you sit in a café or tavern in Kyrenia town (Girne), the touristic capital of Northern Cyprus, you may observe the contrasts between modern and traditional life. While the town's historic cobblestoned paths highlight Cyprus' traditional side, the town's contemporary hotels and eateries demonstrate the town's influence on modernity. The Kyrenia region, which extends from the towns of Karşyaka to Çatalköy, features miles of beaches, a magnificent historic Kyrenia Harbor built during Venetian times, beautiful specimens of a Byzantine/Crusader fortress (such as the Saint Hilarion Castle or the Buffavento Castle), as well as a large number of taverns and restaurants.  Numerous residences are adjacent to the beach and the castle, two of Kyrenia's most well-known landmarks. You may take in the natural beauty of places like Kyrenia Mountain when visiting Kyrenia (Girne), which is a lovely place to roam around. 



Nicosia (Lefkoşa), sometimes known as North Nicosia, is the capital of North Cyprus. Most tourists travel to Nicosia to shop, eat, and begin their exploration of North Cyprus. 

Both Main Street and Ledra Street in Dereboyu, a renowned retail area, are home to upscale restaurants and cutting-edge, modern companies like Nike, Vans, and others. You can see a movie, browse the shops, and even have a drink at the Irish Pub on a great night out at the new Avenue cinema!  The city has a lot to offer, including breathtaking scenery, fantastic attractions like the Selimiye Mosque or The Büyük Han (The Great Inn), as well as a wide variety of amenities. Public transportation, medical services, and educational resources are among the features with reasonable prices. 




Iskele is a great place to make investments or buy property and was recently voted as #1 best beachfront buy in the world by Forbes Magazine in 2021. Minerals, water, and land are among the abundant natural resources in the region. The folks are warm and welcoming, and the climate is pleasant. Because so many firms are growing quickly, it's a great place to invest in real property. The beaches of the Iskele Peninsula are among the best in the world, especially those on the eastern side. Sea turtles of many different kinds are drawn to the fresh, clean water of the sandy coasts, where they return year after year to lay their eggs. 



The fourth-largest town in North Cyprus, Güzelyurt, is located on Morphou Bay on the West Coast and is referred to as a "beautiful village" in the term's literal translation. It looks authentic and is one of Cyprus's most picturesque spots. Major brands and traditional goods are sold in a flourishing town center's shops and restaurants. Other facilities in the town center include the Museum of Archaeology and Natural History. 



Famagusta was previously the top vacation spot in the Mediterranean due to its miles of gorgeous beaches and clear waters. Every year, thousands of travellers gathered here to use the well-known ports to transport goods and people into and out of Cyprus. Famagusta's history and beauty are enhanced by a number of tourist attractions, including the Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque and the St. Barnabas Monastery. 



Esentepe, one of the most beautiful communities along the Mediterranean coast, has recently become the center of Northern Cyprus' real estate market, which is not surprising. Esentepe's appeal is that you may access opulent 5* Hotels and Casinos while also taking in the beauty of nature in the mountain ranges, along unspoilt beaches, and even in your own backyard. 



Like many other cities and villages in North Cyprus, Bellapais is famous for its historical impact on the island. With amazing views all year long, it is situated in a mountain range. Bellapais has made a notable literary impact on history as a result of Lawrence Durrell, a well-known British author and poet, who resided there and wrote about his experiences there and in the neighbourhood. It is home to the spectacular historic Bellapais Abbey in addition to well-known dining establishments, lovely boutiques, and stunning mountaintop views of Cyprus.

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