The Most Beautiful Towns in North Cyprus for Property Buyers

Cyprus is a stunning country overall, but in this post, we concentrate on North Cyprus' municipalities. The reason is that many prospective expats who are considering living abroad pick the North, thus they are interested in learning more about towns, cities, and villages in order to make an informed choice. With a population of under 400,000, the Turkish Cypriot portion of the island's north offers plenty of room for development. This may be seen in the expanding economy, which encourages prospective homebuyers. However, North Cyprus offers much more, including 120 miles of stunning beaches, affordable living expenses, and pleasant weather all year round. Let's examine the important towns in the North and why they stand out by starting now.

Ideal Towns in Northern Cyprus

Kyrenia - North Cyprus

One of the first city kingdoms in Cyprus was created in the 10th century BC, and that was Kyrenia. Being only 40 miles from the Turkish mainland on the north coast, it quickly became a significant commerce hub. The harbour front structures that are now cafes and restaurants were formerly warehouses where carob and other priceless cargo were kept. The old town's winding alleyways, which branch off the harbour, are the ideal place to buy for gifts to give home and holiday souvenirs. The harbour offers boat excursions that are the ideal way to see the sparkling coastline surrounding Kyrenia.

Lapta - North Cyprus

Just 6 miles west of Kyrenia's downtown is the lovely town of Lapta in North Cyprus, which has a population of 8,000. It is nestled between the breathtaking Kyrenia mountain range and the Mediterranean Sea's pristine waters. Lapta is one of Northern Cyprus's largest districts at the moment. The town, which boasts one of the most picturesque coastlines in North Cyprus, is growing as a key tourism destination. It is a well-liked destination for vacations and second homes due to its beaches, hotels, nightlife, restaurants, and spring waters. The community is also surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty. 

Alsancak - North Cyprus 

The Alsancak region, which is a pleasant and tranquil area with the green Kyrenia mountain range behind it and confronts the azure Mediterranean Sea, is located west of Kyrenia, the tourist hub of North Cyprus. You may enjoy the region's exceptional natural beauty of the Mediterranean Sea as well as breathtaking views of the dawn and sunset. It is ideally situated approximately a 10-minute drive from Kyrenia's city center. 


Bahceli - North Cyprus 

Bahceli is located east of Kyrenia and due to the town's abundance of amenities, Bahceli has long drawn those wishing to purchase holiday homes in North Cyprus. The town is a great place from which to explore North Cyprus because it is located at the base of the five-finger mountains. Consider picturesque coves, sand-covered beaches, and mountains with tree-covered peaks made of limestone. Golf enthusiasts enjoy Bahceli since the premier course in North Cyprus, the Korineum Golf and Beach Resort, which features 18 holes in championship settings, is only 15 minutes away from the town.

Iskele Long Beach - North Cyprus

One of the most well-known beaches in North Cyprus is Long Beach in Iskele. During the height of summer, hundreds of people flock to the variety of sun loungers, umbrellas, and beach bars. Long Beach, which is located on the Karpaz peninsula, is all about getting outside and getting away from the beach areas; the land around the town extends into old ruins and olive trees that are worth visiting. A seaside residence in Iskele, Cyprus, was ranked as the best real estate investment in 2021 by Forbes magazine. The booming tourism industry, which features casinos and five-star hotels comparable to those found in Turkey and Europe, has contributed to the prosperity of the real estate market.


Tatlisu - North Cyprus

40 kilometres east of Kyrenia, Tatlisu is situated between the Mediterranean shore and the Five Finger mountain range. The Tatlisu area, located in the northwest of the well-known Famagusta district, is deeply rooted in nature. For your convenience, Iskele is only 30 minutes distant by car, and Kyrenia town center is 40 minutes away. In addition, the Korineum Golf & Beach Resort is a 20-minute drive from the first town mentioned. Due to their residences' beachside position, North Cyprus residents can take advantage of the area's numerous beach clubs. You won't need to leave town unless you go to Ercan International Airport, which is 40 minutes away, because there are so many bars, restaurants, and shops there.

Catalkoy - North Cyprus

With its whitewashed buildings and bougainvillea-lined streets, Catalkoy hamlet embodies everything a Mediterranean getaway should be. The tidy town is conveniently located close to every amenity, making it the perfect choice for those who want traditional North Cyprus living while also enjoying modern conveniences. Kyrenia town may be reached in about five minutes by car if you want to change things up. Ercan Airport can be reached in just 35 minutes by owners of vacation homes. Beachgoers will appreciate the sand at Karakum beach, the water sports at Acapulco beach, or the Alagadi beach, which also has nesting turtles as residents.

 Esentepe - North Cyprus

Esentepe, a small coastal town, is home to several breathtaking natural scenery, including lovely beaches. To use a cliche, this town is situated where the sea meets the mountain, and everyone who lives there loves to watch the beautiful sunsets. Construction of properties takes place in a way that doesn't harm the environment as all building are restricted to just two floors. Homeowners thereby benefit from the best of both worlds. This is where the oceanfront Korineum Golf & Beach Resort and the 18-hole championship course are located. Esentepe, which translates to "windy hill," is most known for its stunning beaches, which lured many expats to live in North Cyprus.

Bafra - North Cyprus

Located in Northern Cyprus's Bafra coastline region, which is a part of the Karpaz Peninsula. This region is well-known for its unspoiled beauty, magnificent sandy beaches, crystal-clear Mediterranean waters, and expansive open spaces. A fantastic place for individuals seeking to invest in a region that is still mostly unexplored outside of Europe. The resort is simple to reach with little travel time thanks to its proximity to two international airports, Ercan in the north and Larnaca in the south. There are many options for those who want to explore the area, including the historical city of Famagusta, the stunning Karpaz region, small coastal fishing villages, restaurants, bars, and tourist attractions. 

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