Tourism in Northern Cyprus

North Cyprus is a tourist treasure. Visitors to this serene island include those who enjoy sports, golf, the environment, archaeology, and sunbathing. 

The island of Cyprus, and North Cyprus in particular, with its distinctive topography and spectacular Mediterranean coastline, is one of the most beautiful places on earth and attracts millions of people every year. The industry provides a wide range of enjoyable activities for both young and old, including days spent unwinding at popular beach clubs with restaurants and water sports or quiet, undeveloped Mediterranean beaches and coves. Even better, you can take a tour of ancient locations that include ruins that date back 10,000 years or more!

Things to Do in North Cyprus 


Taste the revitalisation of Cypriot food. The range of restaurants in North Cyprus is astonishing, ranging from the most basic taverns to cafes with a global flair. However, they all adhere to the traditional Cypriot values of excellent quality, hospitable service, and affordable pricing. 




Currently, there are two golf courses in Northern Cyprus. Right on the coast, next to Guzelyurt, is the first and only 9-hole golf course in North Cyprus. This golf course will soon be transformed into an 18-hole Pro Course. 

For the most discerning golf enthusiasts, North Cyprus is home to one of the most lavish 21-hole professional golf courses in the Mediterranean, with unmatched views of the sea. Golfers might find the perfect property in the Esentepe neighbourhood, complete with a gorgeous golf course, a tennis club with qualified international instructors, a spa, and dining options! 




North Cyprus is ideal for beachgoers. The beaches of Northern Cyprus are among the island's major attractions. The North Cyprus coastlines are surrounded by long, sandy beaches that are ideal for diving vacations since they provide a variety of chances for water sports, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Restaurants, bathrooms, sun-beds, umbrellas, and parasols are common features of hotels and public beaches. You'll need a car if you want some privacy to get to one of North Cyprus' most beautiful and isolated beaches: 


  • Karpaz Golden Beach
  • Kyrenia's Escape Beach Club 
  • Escape Beach Club in Kyrenia 
  • Glapsides Beach near Famagusta 
  • Kyrenia's Acapulco Beach 
  • Alagadi Turtle Beach in Kyrenia



Water Sports 

There is a water sport for everyone in North Cyprus. At the beaches and North Cyprus hotels, you can go windsurfing, water skiing, mono-skiing, jet skiing, power boating, on banana boat excursions, and other activities. 

Scuba Diving 

Scuba diving offers a fantastic opportunity to explore Northern Cyprus's interesting underwater environment. In the pristine, blue waters of the Mediterranean, you can take advantage of one of the warmest and longest diving seasons.

Yachting & Boat Trips

Bookings for yachting and boat trips to North Cyprus can be made at Kyrenia Harbour. It is a unique way to explore the coastline and take a refreshing swim in a number of secluded coves and bays with untouched, virgin sands.  These boat trips often provide lunch on-board so it is very good value for money too.

Turtle Watching 

The best place to observe turtles is in North Cyprus, where millions of loggerhead and green turtles (also known as chelonian mydas and Caretta) inhabit the waterways. You can also schedule turtle watching at certain times of the year.


As you soar over North Cyprus in a paraglider like a bird, the brilliant white beach and the blue water give you the impression of being on top of the world.  


Horse Riding

There are numerous stables in the Kyrenia and Famagusta districts where you may go horseback riding. The possibility to ride through a forested mountain or along a sandy coastline makes horseback riding in North Cyprus a distinctive experience.

National Parks

A National Park on the Karpaz Peninsula is home to countless birds, turtles, wild donkeys, rare flora and fauna, as well as lovely beaches. The Karpas Peninsula is an extended finger of land that points northeast toward Syria and Turkey on the map of North Cyprus. You can explore tombs, basilicas, ruins, and ancient settlements. 

Tours for sightseeing 

One of the most interesting places to go sightseeing is North Cyprus. There are so many fascinating historic locations to see. Cyprus is located in the area dubbed the "cradle of western civilisation" in historical accounts.  There are a number of tour guides who can take you to these wonderful spots. 


Wildflowers and Orchids 

There are many different types of natural plant species in North Cyprus. By taking part in an orchid and wildflower walk, you will have the opportunity to see endemics, which are only found in Northern Cyprus, as well as numerous varieties of wild orchids.

Northcoast Properties regularly host individuals and groups for property inspection visits and during the trip there is plenty of relaxation time so that you can experience some of these touristic wonders.