Where Are The Best Beaches in North Cyprus?

A client questioned us last week about which are the best beaches in North Cyprus. This is not uncommon. This is a usual query from buyers wishing to invest  in North Cyprus. Most people are willing to pay more to have a sea view or be in walking distance to the beach. It's simple to see the appeal, and doctors agree that living by the water is better for our health.  

A beach lifestyle is most people's idea of idyllic living, whether you enjoy taking morning strolls or lounging on sun beds all day. Let's examine the top beaches for potential homebuyers to visit. Many claim that Bafra, Iskele, Famagusta and the Karpaz peninsula have the best pure sand beaches in the world. There are 51 beaches altogether, but these are some of our favourites….

The Best Beaches in Northern Cyprus

1. Escape Beach - Alsancak, Kyrenia

To get a sense of what this beach is all about, consider jet skis, banana boats, and scuba diving. Although there is a price associated with this all-inclusive beach, the management more than meets expectations by providing services like restaurants and showers. A huge draw are the shallow waters, shady spots, and sparse crowds. Children appreciate Escape Beach Club because it has activities for them and is located at the end of a long, sandy bay. Also take note of the many boat trips which anchor close by.  

2. Alagadi Beach, Alagadi, Kyrenia

The longest beach on the Northern coast, Alagadi is 18 kilometres from Girne (Kyrenia) and is admired by many. There is no entrance fee for this public beach, and it provides views of the Besparmak (five finger) mountain range while looking inland. There are two parking lots—one is free and the other has a seasonal entrance fee. Loggerhead turtles lay their eggs in the sand at night, surrounded by lovely flowers, soothing waves, and pure sand. As a result, the Alagadi Sea Turtle Conservation and Research Centre is well-represented nearby. Snorkelling is best in clear, calm waters, and you can get snacks and drinks in the neighbouring pubs afterward.

3. Acapulco Beach, Catalkoy, Kyrenia 

Beachgoers pay to use this stretch of sand, but they may also benefit from sun beds, showers, and changing rooms because it is connected to a hotel and spa facility. Visit the Vrysi ruins at the beach's eastern end to break up your beach day and expect clean sand and water sports. Acapulco hotel and beach resort sits on the same site and manage the facilities which is located 10 kilometres from Girne (Kyrenia). Some claim that this swath of sand is ideal for kids due to the shallow waters. To break up your day of sunbathing, a self-service beach restaurant is close by.

4. Club Di Mare, Yeni Erenkoy, Kyrenia 

A few miles from Karpaz lies a beautiful resort called Club Di Mare. This elegance, comfort, and fun-filled haven is this boutique hotel and beach club located in Yeni Erenkoy. The beach is a gorgeous location that has been touched by heaven and is the perfect location for special vacations and day visits.  There is a standard entrance fee equivalent to £7.5 (€8.5 EUR) but this includes sun beds and complimentary access to paddle boards and boats.  In our view this beach is well worth a visit.


5. Long Beach, Iskele

Iskele was named  #1 ‘best beachfront buy’ in the  world by Forbes Magazine in 2021, and this is where Long Beach takes the lead. Long Beach is ideal for weekend trips with the family or early morning runs because it has plenty of parking and is backed by a running and cycling lanes. We're talking about golden beaches and clear waves that are easily reached by the main coastal road that runs parallel. Unmistakably one of Cyprus's most well-known beaches, Long Beach in Iskele stretches for kilometres along the coast and features white sand, sun loungers, and beach bars. The surrounding area is renowned for its unspoiled natural beauty, which includes some of Cyprus' best sandy beaches, olive groves, historic churches, monasteries, and the ruins of historic settlements.

6. Golden Sands, Karpaz, Iskele 

Golden Beach is located next to Dipkarpinaz village, an eco-tourism destination well-known for its donkeys and historic buildings, on the Karpas peninsula. Visit the well-known pilgrimage site Apostolos Andreas Monastery to break up a day at the beach. The ideal day trip is made possible by the combination of crystal-clear waters, golden sands, and a few adjacent restaurants. Despite being the furthest from Kyrenia, Golden Beach is frequently referred to as the best on the Karpas peninsula, and many people travel there.

7. Esentepe Public Beach, Esentepe, Kyrenia 

East of the port city of Kyrenia, in the countryside, is where you will fine Esentepe beach. This sandy beach is public and managed my the local council which means it is well-equipped and has all the necessary facilities such as sun beds, cabanas, volley ball courts, showers and beach club restaurant.  The reason this one make the list is because it is so peaceful and doesn't draw so many crowds, yet has everything you would want from a beach day out.

8.  Pera Mackenzie Beach, Iskele

With its setting and service model, Mackenzie Beach is distinctive. The relaxed and opulent beach was perfectly in tune with the surrounding environment and was situated in an absolutely breathtaking location with breathtaking sea views. What could be better than spending the day in the sun and the water, the evening indulging in delectable food and beverages, and the night dancing under the stars? You won't forget the experience, we're confident of that.

9.  Blue Lagoon, Karpaz, Iskele 

This spectacular and beach is off the beaten track and unknown to many of the islands residents and visitors.  It is located less than 1km further than the famous Apostolos Andreas monastery on the Karpaz peninsula.  The crystal clear waters are a truly special and the he Blue Lagoon restaurant is overlooking the beach, so after you swim you can enjoy traditional Turkish Cypriot cuisine.  A perfect way to end special day at the beach.

More About North Cyprus 

Why do people enjoy living in North Cyprus? In our opinion, moving to North Cyprus is a terrific idea. North Cyprus has become one of the top international sites that expats are now considering. Some people who had previously purchased properties elsewhere later relocated to North Cyprus for a different way of life.  So, if you're seeking for a location to call home, North Cyprus has a lot to offer, as this article explains.

Prime areas in North Cyprus to purchase property; it's a beautiful place to live overall. Because they want to learn more about towns, cities, and villages in order to make an informed decision, many prospective expats who are planning to relocate abroad choose the North as their destination. Additionally, there is significant room for growth and expansion given the low population of 400,000. The important towns in the North will now be examined, together with the reasons why they are noteworthy.

Purchasing property in North Cyprus: In addition to some of the best beaches in the world, North Cyprus boasts excellent weather and scenic landscapes. In North Cyprus, there are various different types of beaches that span over 120 miles of golden sand, hidden coves, and protected bays that are softly caressed by crystal clear waters. Therefore, if you're interested in buying a holiday home or investment property, explore our portfolio of apartments and villas and contact us to find out more about beachfront property ownership in North Cyprus.