Why do People Enjoy Living in North Cyprus?

Why do People Enjoy Living in North Cyprus?

In our opinion, living in North Cyprus is an excellent idea. North Cyprus has become one of the top international sites that expats are now considering. A few customers who had initially purchased homes in Turkey eventually relocated to North Cyprus for a different way of life while yet retaining the Turkish vibes they like. So, if you're seeking a location to call home, North Cyprus has a lot to offer.  Let's examine the reasons why North Cyprus ought to be on your short list of probable relocation locations.

The Benefits of Living in North Cyprus

1. A low crime rate 

The low crime rate in North Cyprus is one feature that sets it apart. People watch out for each other because of the low population density and strong cultural network, which contributes to virtually zero crime which is why everyone who knows North Cyprus loves how safe it is. 

2. A Dreamy Beachside Lifestyle 

North Cyprus is made up of more than 120 miles of fine-grained sand beaches, quiet coves, and protected bays that are gently caressed by crystal-clear waters. In North Cyprus, there are a variety of unique beach types. There are miles of undeveloped, untamed sandy beaches on the breathtaking and pristine Karpaz peninsula, as well as well-kept hotel beaches in North Cyprus and spotless beach clubs.

3. Mediterranean Climate 

The pleasant climate that North Cyprus enjoys is what easily entices individuals to contemplate relocating there. Consider the hot days and chilly nights of a typical Mediterranean summer. Expats just love the short winters. Temperatures can fall as low as 15 degrees Celsius (during the day) in the two coldest months, December and January, but after that, things start to warm up.

4. Health Insurance, both Public and Private 

Expats who enrol in the North Cyprus public health insurance program are eligible for a 20% discount on medical care at public hospitals as well as an ambulance if necessary. Some expats choose to get private health insurance, but others do not. When seeing a local doctor, expats can pay as they go. Most private hospitals have staff members who can speak English. No matter what you decide, your family should have access to quality medical care.

5.  Simple Home Purchasing Process 

English purchasers have peace of mind because the home buying process is exceptional, just like in the UK. The majority of conveyancing attorneys in North Cyprus received their education in the UK and are fluent in English. The appeal for British customers is clear given the prices in GBP and the affordable legal costs. When you buy property from Northcoast Properties, we walk you through every step of the procedure and explain any additional expenses so that you are always fully informed and in control of your transaction.

6.  Fascinating Culture 

It's interesting to learn about the distinctive culture of Turkish Cypriots. Don't assume you already know because Turkish Cypriot culture combines Turkish values with Mediterranean and even British behaviours. People are held to high standards of integrity, and family networks are strongly influenced by the culture. They take great pride in their 9000-year-old cultural legacy. Don't forget about events like the Famagusta Youth Festival, the Kyrenia Culture and Art Festival, the Girne Olive Festival, the Cyprus Raki Festival, the Cyprus Theatre Festival and the Classical Music Festival.

7.  Potential for the Economy 

The free market system that underpins North Cyprus's economy saw some setbacks during the global financial crisis of 2008, but these were quickly recovered, and the country's economic future appears bright. The tourism board expanded its marketing efforts to foreign markets over the past five years, which has increased tourism. Citrus fruits, potatoes, wheat, barley, and tobacco are all important export products for them. Electrical engineering and communication technology have also received significant investment from North Cyprus.  The North Cyprus property market has always remained stable as, unlike other places in the world, it is mainly built with cash investments so doesn’t rely on the international banking system.

8. Places & Attractions to Visit 

We consistently advise that the best way to learn about North Cyprus is to visit its top landmarks and attractions. Everyone is fascinated with Kyrenia's castle, restaurants, the main harbour, and architecture. A short distance from Nicosia and well-known as a major tourist destination in neighbouring regions is the 13th-century Bellapais monastery. Spend your leisure time discovering new things, and adjusting to life in Northern Cyprus will be simple.

9. Delicious Local Cuisine 

Foreigners sick of fast food can experience a delicious meal using fresh, locally grown ingredients. The regional food is typically Mediterranean, which experts consider to be the healthiest diet worldwide. Additionally, ex-pats enjoy the best of both worlds because the cuisine includes flavours from Turkey, Italy, and the Balkan nations. Who said eating well had to be monotonous?

10. Financial and Banking Services 

North Cyprus shares the same banking system as Turkey. Commercial banks and international bank branches follow the rules set forth by the Central Bank, and the majority of them provide currency exchange services. Some of them feature ATMs that take all of the major credit cards. Expect a financially sound and effective sector with close ties to several foreign organisations.  Expats can open accounts in Northern Cyprus banks using British Pounds, US Dollars, Euros, and Turkish Lira.

11. Return on Investment and Real Estate Prices 

Of course, one of the main draws for residents of North Cyprus is the low cost of housing. Check out our selection of available North Cyprus apartments and villas here.  

12. English-speaking natives and welcoming expats 

The majority of people in North Cyprus speak English, making it simple to move around and communication across the island. Expat groups already established in North Cyprus are a fantastic resource for knowledge about life there, and most individuals find it simple to settle there.

13. Affordable Living 

Last but not least, the affordable cost of living is attractive. Living expenses for foreigners in Northern Cyprus are considerably lower than in their home countries. This allows people to invest in real estate or banking for the future while making their money go further.


More on Living in North Cyprus 

North Cyprus has several attractive towns, but for the purposes of this article, we'll concentrate on those in the region. The North is a popular destination for prospective expats who want to live abroad but want to research towns, cities, and villages before deciding. We hope we have provided a wealth of knowledge regarding whether North Cyprus is a good place to reside. 

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