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Cyprus is a stunning country overall, but in this post, we concentrate on North Cyprus' municipalities. The reason is that many prospective expats who are considering living abroad pick the North, thus they are interested in learning more about towns, cities, and villages in order to make an informed choice. With a population of under 400,000, the Turkish Cypriot portion of the island's north offers plenty of room for development. This may be seen in the expanding economy, which encourages prospective homebuyers. However, North Cyprus offers much more, including 120 miles of stunning beaches, affordable living expenses, and pleasant weather all year round. Let's examine the important towns in the North and why they stand out by starting now.

A client questioned us last week about which are the best beaches in North Cyprus. This is not uncommon. This is a usual query from buyers wishing to invest  in North Cyprus. Most people are willing to pay more to have a sea view or be in walking distance to the beach. It's simple to see the appeal, and doctors agree that living by the water is better for our health.  

What is the secret to making huge capital gains with property in North Cyprus? 

The simple answer is timing.  Everywhere you look you can see property for sale in North Cyprus and new developments springing up, and don’t think developers have any trouble selling large amounts of off-plan units quickly.

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